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I am a level 40 machinist in FFXIV

Published by: Tamam Shamoon on 1st Mar 2016 | View all blogs by Tamam Shamoon

Had a run that I dropped from this morning that I knew, within five min, I was going to leave.


Me: level 40 machinist, all gear up to date either dungeon or self made HQ. Incidentally wearing "of the Stalwart Sword," my most recently earned tank title.


Tank: Gladiator sprout with reasonably up to date NQ gear. Healer: Conjurer sprout with okayish NQ gear..


Other dps: level 20 rogue using level 10 knives, and the level 1 glamor pieces from the new event for her head, gloves, legs, and feet. No belt.


First group goes okay. As I expect, I'm pulling a lot of hate despite the tank's use of flash so I just solo the mobs I pick up because there's nothing else I can do. After that first group, I make the mistake of telling the rogue the gear she's wearing is intended for glamor, not dungeons.


She replies that she knows, but hasn't gotten much gear for the job. We fight another group (tank still unable to hold hate off me and the conjurer) and I tell her, still foolishly thinking I'm being helpful, that she can pick up some decent gear at her level from quests around town.


The rogue says she's not doing any questing, just getting her class to NIN and it won't be used again.


The conjurer interject she's doing fine and let's move on.


I shrug in game and drop it.


As we continue, the gladiator continues to solo mobs despite repeated use of flash while I try to keep mobs off the conjurer with blank, which I hate using unless it's a finishing move, or just popping raging strikes or B4B and taking it on myself.


We get to the first boss. The super easy one with tons of weak adds. The conjurer ends up kiting, won't stop running when I say she should stop running or the tank can't take them off her, and the rogue dies due to lack of Final Fantasy XIV Gil. The conjurer stands there and heals herself while the tank dies. I dps things down until only the boss is left, but the conjurer keeps healing herself and not me so I die, too. Then the gladiator asks for a raise while the boss is still alive.


I explain that she can't because there's no battle raise at that level, add that we all died because she only healed herself and not the party, and left. I really dislike leaving like that, but got basically told they were doing fine and no need for improvement. So if they're not going to try and do a halfway decent job, I don't need to spend an hour on Copperbell suffering alongside them.



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